Working for the Lord

1 Corinthians 15:58 “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” Let us consider this verse how we are to react to the Lord. Many ask, “What can we do?” or “What is there for me to do for the Lord?” Some might even go to the elders with these questions. There seems to be a willingness to work but do we really want to work for the Lord?  When the work in announced, or there is stated a need for workers are you willing to come forward as a worker? Some may think that there is not a work in the Lord’s church for them to do. But what is really the problem there is not a work that they WANT to do for the Lord. Yes, there is plenty of work to do but do you want to do the work. Let us look at the work that is needs to be done.

When the call for workers for the Lord there ought to be really long lines of people who want to do anything they can for the Lord. Yet we are not being steadfast, we are not being unmoveable and we are not abounding in the work of the Lord. Understand that there is a difference between working for the Lord and worshipping the Lord. We come to the building and worship or study God’s Word only three hours a week, but how many hours do you spend in working for the Lord? One must work to provide for their family. One must work to help others, all of this is understood, but could we not spend a couple of hours a month working for the Lord?

There is the work of teaching. Teachers are needed badly but when asked to do this work who is willing? Most say, “Let someone else do it.” Poor ole “Someone” else is about loaded with all they can do, so why don’t you take the load off of them and do it yourself. There might be a lot of excuses as to why you do not want to do this work of teaching, but the need for teachers is still there. When we give an account on the Judgment Day of what we have done in this body, can you image what the Lord will say? “There was a teacher needed to fill in for this teacher for a quarter and you would not do it, why?” What will you say to the Lord? No, there is no one else to do it except those who have done it before, and they do not mind doing it again, but they want a time when they need to be in the classroom. If you say that you are not qualified then shame on you! If you have been a member of the Lord’s church for even 5 years you ought to know enough, or there is something else lacking in your life, what is it?  Why not help the elders in this area, by volunteering for a teacher for a quarter?

You might think that the elders know you are there and you are willing to work but all the elders need to do is ask. Why not have a different attitude about this whole work! Why not go up to the elders and state that anything that needs to be done, you are willing to do your best at fulfilling that responsibility. Oh the elders will have a lot easier time of watching for the souls of each one of us if all would take this approach to the work of the church. This has been done sometimes and on some events and it has been dully noted. That individual will be used! The opportunities abound and this individual will be used!

Not only is that kind of teaching, but there the work of teaching people who are not Christians how to become Christians. We had a class a little over a year ago on how to teach other people. During this class we were challenged with finding people who were interested in a Bible study. We were also taught on how to find those that are truly interested in Bible study. We are to listen to the answer to questions posed to them. That does not mean that on another day they will still hold a lack of interest then we can approach them then and they will respond in a positive way to a Bible study. Are we striving to continue this work of teaching?

We also have another opportunity to teach, and support those who are teaching and that is at the nursing home. Those who have had the Fishers of Men class are wanted and needed to help. Upon visiting the nursing home, which is no longer for those who are aged. There is a population that is younger and has no one to take care of them, so they go to the nursing home to have care. These people are still capable of being taught the truth. We have this opportunity to do this, will you help? There may be some who want to know more or who want advance teaching that what we will do once a month, will we have workers who can fulfill this opportunity or will this to pass us by? Have you told the elders that you would like to work, now the calls goes forth for workers, how will you respond?

Those who have come to the elders and say that there is nothing to do, now have two areas where this is not so.  No more excuses for saying there is nothing for you to do. There is work before us, who will help?  Will you be willing to show the Lord, the elders the church and the world that you are truly behind this work and are willing to commit to it? Let us get into the yoke with the Lord and have a fruitful time of this work.

1 Corinthian 3:9 instructs us: “For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.” Our young people sing a song about the Lord has no hands but our hands to do the Lord will today. Folks, if we do not do the work that is needed to be done by the church for the Lord who will do it? The world will not, for the prince of the world does not want any one to work for the cause of Christ. Are you willing to place the load of work on “Someone else?” If so remember that everyone is placing their work load for the church upon them and they are burdened down with all the work that they can do. Let us pick up the slack that is wanting in the work and do everything that we can do. Remember you represent the Lord in this work. Do the best you can, but do the work.

Love, Keith

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