Counting the Cost

Have you ever wanted to build a new house? Did you ever wanted a new car? After the decision was made to buy or build what was the next question? Most likely it was: what is the cost of building or buying? If the cost was too high then there might be other options were thought of or sought that might be available. The Bible talks about this same thing when considering discipleship. Luke 14:25-33 reads thusly, “And there went great multitudes with him: and he turned, and said unto them, If any man come...Continue reading

Where Are You?

This is an important question on many levels. One must know where he is to know where he is going, in other words one has to have a starting point to have an ending point. Try to go some place with Google maps. You must have a starting point before it can give you an ending point. GPS is the same. To know where we are going spiritually we must also know where we are! Goals are very important to have as we journey also. They help us to know our progress as we journey....Continue reading

Every Member Matters!

In the twelfth chapter of the book of 1 Corinthians one finds the church compared to the physical body. Within that chapter one will find the foot, the hand, the ear, the eye all mentioned. The Holy Spirit through Paul states that all of these are necessary. What if the body were made up of a foot? What if the entire body were a hand, or an ear, or an eye? How would such a body function? Each and every part of the physical body is important, and each member of the church, the Lord’s...Continue reading


When we first hear this word there may be different mental pictures develop within our mind. Paul uses this word with Timothy a number of times. There are different Greek words Paul uses that are translated “charge” in our New Testament but they have basically the same meaning. The meaning is “command.” Now go back to our pictures developed in our minds, with this meaning. A man might think of the command to charge an enemy. A woman might think of a plastic card with items to purchase. It is still a command! With this...Continue reading

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