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Father’s Day

Father’s Day may conjure up many emotional memories about our fathers. Some of them may be positive and some may be negative. Fathers can do that, while when we think of Mothers our emotions are mostly positive. When we think of father’s we think of them as the hard disciplinarian of the family. When we...Continue reading

A Good Day

How do we have a good day? How can one day be a good day and another day being not so good, and even sometimes bad? Paul gives us a formula to have a good day. If we apply these principles to each day; we will have a good day. Having a good day is...Continue reading


What kind of work would you like to do for the Lord? Would you like to visit others? Would you like to teach the lost? Would you like to help teach the saved how to keep being saved? Would you like to teach someone how to study the Bible? Would you like to help with...Continue reading

Memorial Day

This past week Memorial Day was celebrated. It was a time to remember those who had sacrificed for our freedom. We must continue to remember that the freedoms that we enjoy are not free. They cost us something. It has cost some life, other liberty, and others their freedom. We need to remember these brave...Continue reading

A Son’s Perspective

Happy Mother’s Day to all who have served as a mother in any way. Your role is God-ordained, and it is part of the fabric of the tapestry of life being woven around us every day. No less so with the role of fathers. Together, mothers and fathers give our society stability and structure which...Continue reading


The word “seek” means according to Vine’s Dictionary of New Testament Words: “what to obtain.” There are several ideas and persons for which we are to seek. Let us notice these. SEEK THE LORD In Isaiah 55:6 we find, “Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is...Continue reading