Who Needs the Church?

In the book “What’s so Amazing about Grace?” by Philip Yancy a story is told of a woman who was down on her luck. She was having a miserable time and things in her life did not look like they would get any better. She was asked if she had ever thought about going to church for and with her problems. Her reply was, “why would I ever go there? I was already feeling terrible about myself. They’d just make me feel worse.” If someone was having problems in their life came to the services...Continue reading


When you see a STOP sign do you remember what one is to do beside stop the vehicle that you are in? Remember that you are not only to stop, but one is to look and listen. It is a warning sign of danger. We are to be ever watchful of the danger that is on the road. Likewise the Bible does the same for us. In the Old Testament there is the watchman. This is an individual that was appointed to be on the walls of the city and watch. He was to watch...Continue reading

A Four Letter Word

We are all exposed to four letter words. We hear them on the television, radio or maybe even the internet. Kids hear them at school. Rap artist have been using them and are now finally being condemned for it. Others may use these words; even some who attend the services here may use these little words. Not all four letter words are bad: love is a four letter word, so is work (some may not like this word but it is not at all a bad word); sing also is a four letter word that...Continue reading

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