Memorial Day

This past week Memorial Day was celebrated. It was a time to remember those who had sacrificed for our freedom. We must continue to remember that the freedoms that we enjoy are not free. They cost us something. It has cost some life, other liberty, and others their freedom. We need to remember these brave individuals for without them we would not have the freedoms that we enjoy today. Romans 12:7 reads, “Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom...Continue reading

A Son’s Perspective

Happy Mother’s Day to all who have served as a mother in any way. Your role is God-ordained, and it is part of the fabric of the tapestry of life being woven around us every day. No less so with the role of fathers. Together, mothers and fathers give our society stability and structure which ensure the endurance of our nation. When the family falls apart, the nation falls apart — history confirms this fact. The roles of mothers and fathers are equally important. But not all mothers have given birth. There are mothers who...Continue reading

Two Lives as One Life

A young Christians was working as a clerk in a country store. The husband and wife owners of the country store were Christians. They were also members of a small, very rural congregation. One day she was ‘flustered’ as she planned a trip. This trip was a rare visit with relatives in a city for a weekend. She was anxious because she did not have a hat. In those days a woman commonly wore a hat to church as an act of faith. Several times that day she was talking out loud to herself about...Continue reading

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