Charity is introduced to us in 1 Corinthians in chapter 8.  Most people would not think that this subject matter would be with things offered to idols. However, charity in this case is contrasted with knowledge. When we deal with other people, there are fundamentals that are unchanging and cannot be compromised. There are areas of life that are not essential and must be dealt with in the understanding of love. Love is the basic principle in every aspect of our life. Dealing with brethren, charity is to be involved. Remember it was the second...

The Love of God

Our aim is to please God and do what He commands, to do less is to fail and fall short in the end of heaven. If you have any questions about what we do or the way we do things if you will ask someone they will either answer your questions or they can put you in contact with someone who can. We have several services that we would like to offer to you, one is a Bible Correspondence course and the other is a personal Bible study. There will be an open Bible and...Continue reading

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